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Biber Chipper Range

Biber is Eschlbock's brand name for their full range of chippers. These chippers range from the smaller disc chippers in the 2 and 3 series to the huge Biber Power Trucks which can process 75 cm. diameter logs. The power ranges from the 31 kW. diesel 2V to the 740 H.P. Vican.
Capacities range from 14 cm to 75 cm  log diameter. The drum chippers are optimised to produce fuel quality chips and are known for their low dust content.
All the chippers are produced in house using the latest technology thus ensuring that each and every part meets the highest quality standards.  This tight production control means that replacement parts remain available for all machines since production began and that your Biber remains a Biber. 
Safety is high on the list of priorities and all machines produced conform to European safety requirements. 
The Biber range from the Biber 7 plus and higher are crane fed, either by a separate  crane or by a unit directly fitted to the chassis.