Rogers Engineering
Sawmill Machinery

Blade sharpeners and setters

PoleSaw offer a range of grinders and blade setters, the simplest narrow band grinder is the OW-4 . This is a semi automatic machine that can sharpen narrow blades from 15-50 wide 2.4 m. min to 5.0 m. maximum lengths, tooth depth from 4-7 mm. Standard pitch 22 mm. 12-32 by order.  A speed of 40 teeth per min and a 150 x 8 grinding wheel completes the specification.

The OWM-4M is a development of the OW4 which has the additional ability for grinding circular, frame saw and power hacksaw blades.
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Blade setters can be either manual or powered.The RWM  is a manual tool which can set bands up to 1 mm. each side to an accuracy of 0.05 mm. and tooth pitch of 8-50 mm. blade width 15 -100 or 150 mm.The RWA is the powered version with an operating speed of 70 teeth per minute.
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